The Author Mickey Rees to attend a Book Signing Event at Barnes and Noble, Eastside Tucson
Austin Macauley’s contemporary author of Fallen Faith, Mickey Rees, is going to attend a book signing event at Barnes and Noble, Eastside Tucson. The event is on Saturday, the 29th of February, 2020 from 13:00 to 14:00 hours. It is a great opportunity for all the admirers of the contemporary author to get their copies signed.    The book Fallen Faith is about a girl named Jessica Jane Larson who attends a party at her high school with two of her male friends but she had no idea where this party would take her. The consequences of the party made her realize that she is pure no more. It is also about the complicated relationship among friends. The girl has to choose between her new and old friends. As the story unfolds, it will reveal the decision-making power of the girl. The book attracts adults the most.    The author is born in 1997 and has been raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She has been writing screenplays for her elementary school. In 2012, she got inspired by an application called Wattpad. She has also been a part of community theatre. This book is her first publication through which she is sharing some of her beautiful stories and has visualized them for the audience. 
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