Author Nic Carey to Attend His Book Signing at Folk Museum, Gozo, Malta
The author of the intriguing novel, The Boy Who Talks to Animals, is going to be present at the Folk Museum, Oala, Gozo Island, Malta to sign his book’s copies. The event is going to take place on 8th February from 5 PM in the evening to 11 PM late night. As a native to the island, the author will be present till the end and is also hoping to make the event a lively one with music and other activities instead of just signing copies of his book. The event will include reading some excerpts from his book by four different people. A young guitarist will also be present to play during intervals and an artist will be painting the author’s portrait while he talks about his book! Therefore, this event is going to be an interesting one and shouldn’t be missed by the readers. The Boy Who Talks to Animals is a fictional novel based on a boy with the unique gifted abilities to communicate with the animals. The author describes in the book that it is easily observed and not uncommon to find individuals with some disability who have their other senses enhanced as a compensation. For instance, often times, a blind person is seen to have his other senses heightened like enhanced hearing, touch or smell aids. Nic Carey was born in Wokingham, Berkshire in 1952. He went to University of Manchester and qualified as an architect. He spent 12 years living in Canada and is now retired and lives in Gozo with his wife Dolores and their dogs. He is a member of the rotary club in Gozo and is an active volunteer in his community.
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