Author Paul Travers to Be Interviewed on BBC Cumbria Radio
Mark your calendars for Radio Interview of Paul Travers which will take place at BBC Cumbria – Radio on Tuesday, 05th  November 2019. The author will give insights about his remarkable book From Paul to Paula. Don’t miss this chance to engage with the author and ask him all the questions you want. From Paul to Paula is a story of a young boy who is basically a trans girl and spends her life as a boy but never received love during his childhood days. He goes through all the struggles and experiences including the physical, mental and sexual abuse. Soon, he realises the secret to happiness. Young Paul learns that with slight help from his friends, he can live the life he wants. He found that happiness can be found in some of the unluckiest places. Place where he becomes known as Paula rather Paul. Find out more about his struggles and happiness by grabbing a copy here. The author is the President of Emeritus and Examiner of a reputable learned body. He is indifferent to public opinion and proud of his unorthodox approach towards the things. He finds fun joy in writing and classical music and is a staunch believer of the fun, it is to grow old disgracefully instead of gracefully. Many years back, Paul used to work as a professional drag artist and admits that he lacked talent. He dared to defy it as he believes in an old saying ‘life is what you make it’.
05, Nov 2019
The Rye Bookshop - 25 High Street, Rye, TN31 7JF