Author of Philosophical Masterpiece Let There Be Light and Darkness Invited to Her Book Signing
Author of the acclaimed book Let There Be Light and Darkness, Eunice Kim will be attending her book signing in Richmond, Virginia. Eunice will also engage in meaningful conversations with fans of philosophy and famous doctrines of our times. She will share her inspirations for her book and the path that led to its conception. The event will be held at Barnes & Noble in Chesterfield Town Centre. Let There Be Light and Darkness is a unique collection of short stories by Eunice Kim. The exceptionality of the book comes with the selection of characters, the reader delights as he turns the pages to find Jesus, Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Nietzsche, Dostoevsky and Saint-Exupery. The stories develop as the wisdom of the unique characters is revered through profound dialogues. Eunice has eloquently and colloquially managed to pen down some of the most reflective philosophical questions in the form of a story. Whilst the reader is done with the book, he will be able to dive in a world of deep thoughts, reasoning and faith.
22, Jun 2019
St.John Fisher Primary School Sheffield