Author S. Forrest Nomakeo Sets to Delight Period Novel Fans at Her Book Signing
Author of the acclaimed period novel The Summer Palace, S. Forrest is invited at Barnes & Noble to partake in the book signing of her novel. She will be engaging with reading devotees and historical novel fans and share her inspirations that led to the conception of The Summer Palace. Barnes & Noble is the largest bookseller chain in the United States. This indulging historical novel is set in the 17th century Russia. The story follows the account of a willful girl Katia living in The Terem, which is a reserve of young ladies protecting their virtues. Katia finds living in The Terem intolerable and sets out on a horse dressed as a servant girl with Wiley, a German stable boy. The story gets complicated as Wiley gets challenged by Katia’s cousin Feodor. The novel has a well-executed plot-line and developed characters. S. Forrest Nomakeo is a talented graphic designer and author. She has worked for thirty years in the printing industry. Forrest is an avid blogger and shares her experiences about writing books for publication. She lives with her husband and two children in western Massachusetts.
27, Apr 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
St. Finbars Primary School, Dingle Liverpool