Ayesha Benson to Attend a Book Reading Event in Esher, Surrey
The wonderful author of The Adventures of Henrietta: Hello, Henrietta!, Ayesha Benson will be attending a book reading event at Shrewsbury House, Prep School, Esher, Surrey on 4th March at 10:30 a.m. The author will be reading her book to the little pupils of the school. The Adventures of Henrietta: Hello, Henrietta! is a children’s book about the adventure of a ladybird namely Henrietta. The story is written in the form of rhymes. The book enhances children’s knowledge about ladybirds and promotes the message of staying positive and calm when things get messy. The Adventures of Henrietta: Hello, Henrietta! will have a series of other parts as well soon. Get your copy of the book here.    The young author of this adorable book, Ayesha Benson resides in London and loves to write rhyming couplets and compose them. 
04, Mar 2020
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