Barnes and Noble Invites Author Laura Lebrun for Book Signing/Talking Event
Author of I Don't Like Your Kids (And Other Things I'm Afraid to Admit), Laura LeBrun is attending a book signing event where she will be giving a talk about her life happenings and what inspired her to write and publish the book. The book signing event will be taking place at Barnes and Noble on Saturday 5th October 2019. She will be concluding the event by signing copies of her book. I Don't Like Your Kids (And Other Things I'm Afraid to Admit) is a hilarious read about daily life issues we face. From normal issues like waxing your hair to maintaining a perfect body, everything is discussed to make readers laugh while educating them on everyday life. It is a must-read for all. Get a copy today to give yourself a laughter-therapy. Author Laura LeBrun is a multitalented lady. It is her passion to make others laugh and happy with her witty humour. 
05, Oct 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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