Barnes & Noble to Host Book Reading Event for ‘Justin is a Special Eight’
The Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Cherry Hill will host the book reading ceremony for, Cameile Graham’s ‘Justin is a Special Eight’. The author will be there to read the book and answer the audience’s questions. ‘Justin is a Special Eight’ is about a special child who is Zoey’s older brother, ’Justin’. He is eight years old and very different from her. Zoey is curious all the time thinking that why her brother is the way he is and why he is not like her. She in the depth of her intuition goes to her mommy to ask her about Justin. Together they both explore that how it is good in this world to be unique and different from others. Zoey learns a lot from her mommy and then decides to help her mother in taking special care of her special brother. The author, Cameile Graham was born in Jamaica and got educated in USA. She is a teacher of English Language and Communicative Competency Skills. This is her first published book.
18, Sep 2018
Rathmichael Parish Primary School