Barnes & Noble to host Book Signing event of ‘Generation’ by James Wilson
Barnes & Noble at Sacramento will host the book signing ceremony of ‘Generation’ written by James Wilson. The author will meet the audience at the event and will promote his book. This is a historical fiction book which discusses the uncertainties of the past and how the men were confused in their lives. In 1965, it was the year of Boomers when the world was crumbling because of the War and Cultural disorder. The unpredictable events of death strike you and you are left there clueless about the events happened to you. You are bullied in the school and you are abandoned by your friends. You decide to look for the lost courage in the ruins of your life and speak against the injustice. You try to honour your life for one last time and for that you will do anything. The author, James Wilson is in a way part of every dimension of Boomer Story. He used to hike and travel around, witnessing events and locations which later on became an inspiration for his book.
15, Sep 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
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