Barnes & Noble to Host Book signing event of Linden Carroll’s ‘Olive’
The Barnes and Noble bookstore at WA/Bellingham will be hosting the book signing event of Linden Carroll’s ‘Olive’. The author will be signing and promoting her book at the event. ‘Olive’ is the story of a girl, Olive and human endurance in the society that spanned for over four generations. The story is beautifully explained and the facts of the War era make it very appealing. Olive is the backbone of this historical novel. She was disliked by her family and her life was full of pain and anguish. Her life seems to be in a turmoil but she finds a way out through perseverance, resilience and hard work. She moves up but there is a price to be paid and it is the children who will suffer. The story explains the dominating nature of Olive and how she changed the lives of many whom she met. She is a real inspiration and a role model for many people who are suffering in their miserable lives and are trying to make it out of there. The author, Linden Carroll belongs to England but she migrated to Canada and is now living in the province of British Colombia. She likes to hike and her work clearly reflects the strength and dignity of her people who suffered a lot from Wars in the past.
03, Nov 2018
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, California