Barnes & Noble to Host Book signing of Rebbeca K.Busch’s ‘Dragon Wing’
The Barnes and Noble bookstore at Sheridan Boulevard, Westminster will be hosting the book signing event of Rebecca K. Busch’s ‘Dragon Wing’. The author will be signing and promoting her book at the event. This is a story about a girl named Sigrun who was born with some abnormal features. People would think that she is an abomination who is different from everyone. She was born with fierce dragon wings instead of beautiful feathered wings like everyone in the village. She remained in the village and survived. Calamity struck her when she found out that her father has been killed and her brother is missing. She set out to find her brother. On the way she met a stranger who got involved in her cause and convinced her that a bigger Catastrophe is coming and she has to prepare herself for it. The author, Rebecca K. Busch grew up in the town of northeastern Michigan and later on moved to Boulder, Colorado. She earned her degree in English Literature at the University of Colorado. Currently, she is residing in Denver, Colorado and is a very passionate reader.
15, Sep 2018
Prescot Library, The Prescot Centre, Aspinall Street, Prescot, Knowsley, Liverpool