BBC Radio Leicester Will Broadcast the Interview of the Author Shirley Yanez
Don’t forget to tune in to your favourite radio program the Ben Jackson show live on 15th August 2019 where he will be interviewing the talented author Shirley Yanez. Shirley will be talking about her book The Mind Detective and life experiences as an ex-Hollywood celebrity, stylist and entrepreneur. It takes depression to understand depression, the story of The Mind Detective is not a usual read about any mysterious murder to be solved, but, it is the true reflection of what it takes to climb up from a miserable life. Shirley wrote down her life in her book. Being born in a poor family and seeing all the miseries of life, she worked hard. She becomes a millionaire by owning the headhunting firm in the 1990s. Then she leaves everything behind and tries her luck in Hollywood, which brings fortune and fame but soon she loses millions in the bubble. Bringing her back to where she started. She encounters a near-death incident. Amid all this chaos and disturbance, she remained resilient and stood tall. Her inspirational journey will surely motivate you. Find out more about Shirley’s journey in her book which will be released on 15th August 2019. The author Shirley Yanez is a multitalented lady. She is an ex-Hollywood celebrity and stylist. But her remarkable work can be seen as a social entrepreneur. She lost millions in the stock exchange and become homeless. Despite, having a tough life she didn’t lose hope and found happiness through self-therapy. She has been giving free therapy talk since 2005.
15, Aug 2019
Sedgefield, Parish Hall - Front Street, Sedgefield TS21 3AT