Bedale Library to host a Book Talk for ‘The War Poets and the Diary of an Ordinary Tommy’
The Bedale Library will host a Book Talk in an honour of Margaret Parry’s book, ‘The War Poets and the Diary of an Ordinary Tommy: Convergence, Class and Transmission’. The author is going to discuss her book at the event and will talk about the inspiration behind writing the book. The book is based on the work of her grandfather, a Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) Soldier and his experiences in the Battles of Somme and Arras. From the front lines to the rest places and transit camps, she portrays a clear picture of the personal experiences of the soldiers and the local people who were, directly and indirectly, involved in the war at that time. The author, Margaret Parry has devoted her professional career to literature. Margaret Parry is associated with the services of Literature and cross-cultural understanding as a university teacher and as a writer. She has served leadership roles in associations like Association Européenne François Mauriac. She is currently working on different projects in the literary world: like poetry and memoirs.
07, Nov 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
The Haven, Garbiola Island, British Columbia