Ben Thexton to visit Book Festival at Prenton Library
Author of the book, ‘An Unexpected Journey- Surviving a Brain Injury’, Ben Thexton will visit Prenton Library for a book festival. The author will be there for the promotion of his book. The book’s story is about a victim of brain injury and how he recovered from it. Ben’s life changed completely when he experienced a road accident that placed his life in great danger. Despite all difficulties, Ben survived and made his way through life after a traumatic brain injury. Ben kept himself busy with life without caring for the limitations and obstacles faced by him due to his accident. Ben got married and had a daughter and it was after that when he asked for help. Ben recovered slowly but another life-changing event put a further strain on his recovery. The author, Bex Thexton is an accountant by profession. He is married and has a young child. He likes to read and to spend time with his family. This is his first book up to the date.
02, Oct 2018
Stamford Library & Walker's Bookshop