Bill Mann to be Interviewed at Marlow FM’s ‘The Eclectic Light Show’
The author of an amazing self-help book, Bill Mann will be talking about his book ‘How to Keep Calm and Carry On’ on a radio show called ‘The Eclectic Light Show‘. The show will be aired on Marlow FM on 31st January. The talk will start at 12 pm so stay tuned in. ‘How to Keep Calm and Carry On’ is a book that is inspired by events that have happened in the life of Bill Mann. Raising from the remains of the underground train carriage bombing. The attack took lives of more than 52 people, yet Bill survived. A journey for the surviving soul to deal with the loss of his wife and building his life. The author Bill Mann has gone through a good amount of change, distress and misfortune. He narrowly survived the 7/7 London Bombing and lost his wife after a few years to cancer. Bill has been through a lot of change and adapted himself through each and every one of them by embracing the positivity of life. 
31, Jan 2019
Redcliffe Library