Black Gull Bookshop will be Hosting a Book Launch Event of Travelling with Spies by Jessica Holt
Black Gull Bookshop will host a book launch event of Travelling with Spies by Jessica Holt on Thursday, 24th April 2019. A great turnout of the audience is expected. Come and join the book launch event and get your copies signed by the author. Travelling with Spies is a book about the story of two leading roles Max and Natalie who meet accidentally. Max hires Natalie for the job, falls in love with her during her training and sends her on a life-threatening mission which almost kills her. Now Max tries to get her back by promising her a job in his newly founded detective agency but unfortunately, they are again drawn back under Max’s bossy manager. This time they are sent on the mayhem of Northern Ireland, where a tycoon’s daughter is hijacked by IRA. Will their relationship survive this time? Jessica Holt is a great author and a retired professor. Travelling with Spies is her second book, before this, she has published a book The Man Who Changed His Name.
06, Jun 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
Beechwood Primary School Runcorn