Book launch Event of ‘The Sentient Shield’ by Helen Frindle
Helen Frindle is excited to invite you on the public launch event of her Sci-fi book ‘The Sentient Shield’. She will introduce her book and interact with the audience. The author will also present the copies of her book for sale. ‘The Sentient Shield’ is a sci-fi book with the main plot focused on an astronomical event known as Alignment. At a specific time and point, planet Earth and the Universe of which it is a part evolves and ascend to a higher dimension. The Earth plays a major role in the occurrence of the event which is greatly dependent on spiritual awakening of the population of planet Earth. The author of this book Helen Frindle was always interested in alternative theories of human spiritual evolution. In 2005, she relocated to South West France and there she discovered the history of the local region which rekindled her interests and led her to write this book
17, Mar 2019
Garstang Library, Preston