Book Launch of Welcome to My Fabulous Sh*tshow by Mel W
A book launch event is scheduled for Mel W's autobiography and memoir, Welcome to My Fabulous Sh*tshow. The event will take place at Tap Art Gallery, Surry Hills Sydney, on 27th May 2023. Welcome to My Fabulous Sh*tshow is a fabulous book that celebrates being oneself and conquering life's battles as a woman and mother with the support of amazing super troopers. This humorous and curious book showcases the journey of the author’s self-discovery in her mid-40s, when life was only just beginning. Mel W is a witty multi-talented individual. Raising two young sons in Australia, she is also an author of The Single Mother Trying Not to F*ck Up Life, a podcast and website host of a show, and now handling Director of Mel W & Co, an online dating profile consultancy service.
27, May 2023 - 01, Jan 1970
Tap Art Gallery, Surry Hills Sydney