Book launching ceremony of a travel guide, Fancy a Scove?
Be there at the book launching ceremony of Alex​ Postel’s, ‘Fancy a Scove?’ It’s a great fusion of travel guide and a personal diary. If you want to take a tour of Cork City through the paths less travelled, then this the book for you. A story that takes you through the serenity of the city, far from the buzzing crowd. While reading the book, it feels like we are travelling with Alex, foot by foot. At the launch, the author will also talk about his inspirations and why he specifically chose the City of Cork as his setting for the book. Born in Central Europe, Alex started writing essays and short stories from an early age and was duly encouraged by her mother. He currently lives in Finland and has worked in various European countries. After the completion of ‘Fancy a Scove?’ he is currently working on his follow up book.
19, Jan 2018
Nicholson Museum, University of Sydney