Book Lovers Invited to the Book Signing Event of Louisa by Jacqueline Carpenter
The Book Signing of acclaimed novel Louisa will be held at Hotel Los Alcazares in Spain. Book lovers are invited to get their copy signed and enjoy the Happy Hour at the bar. Louisa is a wonderfully written debut novel by Jacqueline Carpenter. The Story revolves around a young girl of 15, Louisa. The protagonist lives a happy life in London, however, trouble arrives with the news of the Second World War. The characters are well portrayed and their stories really entice the readers into their lives. The British author Jacqueline Carpenter has a tremendous gift for novel writing, her debut novel is the evidence of her writing skills. Jacqueline is from Essex and is a mother of a grown-up son and daughter. She enjoys strolling about the beaches of Spain, where she spends most of her time enjoying the weather, cuisine and beautiful people.
03, May 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
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