Book Publishing Celebration of Gary W. Fort’s New Publication
A book publishing celebration event is held on 23rd May 2022 for a new publication of Gary W. Fort, Mortal Man, at the Trinity Episcopal Church in the CWE, 600 North Euclid, St. Louis, MO 63108, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Ensure your presence at the event to receive the signed copies. ‘Mortal Man’ is a stupendous poetic endeavour written by an African American author. It’s a rhythmic flow of words, which imparts a beautiful message regarding the existence of a man. It’s a philosophical book that sheds light on vital issues ranging from the rugged struggle of a common man on the streets for mere survival to the reason for his very existence and place of a creator in this immense and unpredictable journey of life. It also enlightens its readers with the poetic exhibition of words highlighting intimate and sensitive matters of a man’s heart. It’s a motivational book that uplifts the spirits of readers. A must-read that spreads a universal message of optimism through its content. Gary W. Fort has been writing exquisite poetic content for the past 25 years. His first poem was published in the first copy of the Poet’s Market in 1985. Ever since his poems have been published in renowned magazines and newspapers such as Essence, Class, True Love, Modern Romances, and The Atlantic. Gary has published two children's poetry books prior to this adult book, Mom I Love Spaghetti and I Like Parades. He has won numerous major awards and honours for his work. He also worked at Apple Blossom Connections, where he wrote a monthly column.
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