Book reading of Julie Deacon’s Anouskas Adventures
Want to meet a little girl with a big imagination? So big that she can go on magical adventures, and take all her friends with her? Come and befriend her as Julie of Welsford shares a story of faraway places and enchanting adventures.   Anouska would tell her friends to close their eyes really tightly. Then they would imagine looking up into the sky, where a pathway would appear. This pathway would take them to faraway lands. With her mummy and daddy, her dog and pig, and the family of mice who live under the apple tree.   Come and listen to Julie Deacon’s fruity voice as she reads out her adventurous book. Since the book reading is in a primary school she’s even taking along few props that she have made (e.g. cottage, tree with swing, soft toy dog (schnuffle) soft toy dog (pumpkin) so that the children can relate to the story.
02, Nov 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Mayur Indian Restaurant, 130 Duke St Liverpool, Merseyside L1 5AG