Book reading of Max Saves Bellisa by Lilli Sutherland
Author Lilli Sutherland will be at Rowanfield Junior School for a reading of her new book 'Max Saves Bellisa'. Book synopsis: When an unexpected tropical storm hits a small island on Christmas Eve, it causes devastation to many lives. In the rainforest, animals and plants suffer too. A mongoose named Max loses his home. Surrounded by friends, including an armadillo and an agouti, Max becomes very concerned when his friend Bellisa, a butterfly, gets her wing broken. How will she survive? Max imparts his knowledge about a healing plant to his friends and together, they urgently go in search for it. Max, as leader, shows great strength and determination. They encounter many obstacles and their characters are tested. But their willingness, kindness and team-work shines through in their quest to find the remedy. Follow them on their hazardous and emotional journey to save Bellisa.
17, Nov 2017
Wallasey Central Library, 17 Earlston Rd, Wallasey CH45 5DX