Book Signing of ‘The Figment Wars: Through the Portals’ by David R.Lord at Chipping Sodbury Library
Chipping Sodbury Library is hosting a book signing for The Figment Wars sequel by David R. Lord. The author will be signing books for his young readers and offering them insight to his own personal figments of imaginative world. Every person carries his own threads of imaginative worlds and its amazing when you can share your fantasy world with friends. The book is a series of adventure in the realm of imagination in which three young kids are stuck in and find it hard to escape. They meet different creatures and fight monsters together and have great adventures. After years of writing fanfiction, David R. Lord, a preschool teacher was encouraged by his good reader friends to publish his very own storybooks for children. He has published two books in the sequel and there are more to come. He enjoys reading and writing fantasy and sci-fi stories.
15, Dec 2018
The Patchwork Mouse, New Street, Painswick, GL6 6XH