Book Signing of ‘My Book of Little Poems That Gave Me a Fright!’ by D M Shipp
Ascot Durning Library is hosting a book signing event for Dena Shipp’s children book ‘My Book of Little Poems That Gave Me A Fright!’. Dena will promote her book and also distribute the signed copies to the attendants of the event. A successful turnout of the audience for the book signing is expected. ‘My Book of Little Poems That Gave Me A Fright!’ is a delightful children's book for kids from a wide age range. The book is a fun introduction for children to poetry and a variety of animals. The illustrations are captivating for young readers. Dena Shipp has spent all her life in Berkshire, where she feels at home. She lives with her husband in a lovely house where she writes her funny and engaging poetry. Her journey of writing comical poems begin as a mean of entertaining the audience at family events, however, the compliments encouraged her to write her first manuscript.
20, Feb 2019 - 01, Jan 1970
WHSmith Tunbridge Wells, 121/122 Royal Victoria Place. Kent