Book Signing by Charles. G. Fournel at Halesworth Library
Charles. G. Fournel will be holding a book signing on the 12th of February between 11-12 pm for his books, Rise of the Maquis and A Quest to Get Homebound. The event will allow readers and fans to meet the author and get their books signed. The event will also provide readers with the chance to hear more about Fournel's interests and inspirations when it comes to writing novels. Charles. G. Fournel's historical fiction novel, Rise of the Maquis, is set in France during World War II and Hitler's invasion of Europe. The novel follows a few soldiers who become friends and form a close-knit team that are brought together by destiny. The soldiers work together to save their country with the help of some famous historical personalities. The novel follows their journey and quest for freedom from the tyrannical rule of Hitler. Charles. G. Fournel is an author and an expert in World War II. Fournel has a special interest in War and military adventures. His novels echo his interest in war and the experiences of soldiers in armed conflicts. His knowledge of arms and ammunition also lends authenticity to his written work. Fournel grew up in Suffolk, England, in a small seaside village. He is a father and enjoys writing about historical events of World War II and armed resistance groups.
12, Feb 2022