Book Signing Event of Franco Rainey’s Book
Franco Rainey is organizing his book signing event on 23rd July 2022 for his book, When A Saint Burns in their Hands, at the Waterstone’s Sunderland from 12:00 pm- 2:00 pm. The event will include a book reading session and the distribution of signed copies among the event attendees. When A Saint Burns in their Hands is a tome by the leader of the Sicilian mafia, Michele La Barbara. He seeks to avenge the murder of his wife. In his rage, he kills the guy he deemed to be her assassin. Little did he know that he had opened up a pandora box of severe enmities within and outside of his own family in doing so. To his surprise, he is summoned to New York by the Sicilian mafia head, Benito Calabrese. When Michele realizes that he has probably killed the wrong suspect, Amadeo, the youngest son of Capo Alberto Calabrese, on his wedding day in Sicily to avenge his wife, he is truly perplexed. He is enraged that his wife’s murderer is still at large in the streets. The story concludes with a somewhat hard-to-digest climax. It’s a must-read for readers who are crime thriller enthusiasts. Franco Rainey has been an editor and a proofreader for more than a decade. Eventually, he decided to move ahead as a published author and succeeded. He has extensive research on the most powerful mafia families of New York and has used it to come up with the gripping storyline of this intriguing novel.
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