Book Signing Event of Leonora Langley’s Upcoming Book at Fenwick’s Department Store
Our talented author, Leonora Langley, is conducting a book signing event for her upcoming debut, Let the Souls of our Children Sing, at the restaurant in the Fenwick’s Department Store, Turnbridge Wells, in  May 2022. Let the Souls of our Children Sing is a parental handbook that guides parents, educators, and childcarers towards the acquisition of practical steps to ensure the emotional wellbeing of their children both at home and at educational institutes. This book is not pretentious or fancy; it’s a thought-provoking account that directs its readers towards a paradigm shift in the field of effectively raising a child and choosing an appropriate education system for him. Leonora states that a child’s soul is invaluable, and it should be nurtured by adopting a case-centric approach towards students rather than treating them as a hoard. Leonora Langley started her career as a teacher in the 1970s and acquired journalism during the 80s. She was a spectacular journalist since she initiated the launch of her magazine, The Hollywood Reporter. After 1988, she climbed further towards the ladder of glory when she became an editor of Elle Magazine and a regular contributor to Bon Appetit Magazine. During the early 90s, Leonora L. trotted back towards teaching after moving back to the UK and left some remarkable landmarks of success there as well. She specialized in Music, Drama, and English, which consequently led her to work with world-renowned firms such as Glyndebourne Opera. Currently, she is working as a Counsellor and a piano tutor.
10, May 2022
Chiswick Book Festival