Book Signing of Steven Bosworth ‘The Betrayal’ at Fulford Village Hall, Staffordshire
As Christmas approaches don’t miss your chance to be at the book signing of Steven Bosworth.  As the author plans to have the book signing of his book ‘The betrayal’, the event is linked to a Christmas Fair, at Staffordshire. ‘The Betrayal’ is a story about the life of Dean Nash, an urban man who feels as though something is missing from his life. But everything changes when Nash meets Nick owner of the nightclub. They get involved in a robbery which quickly falls under the investigation of government agency headed by Jon Wagstaff. Nash enters into a journey of his own for self-awareness takes place. Nash’s best friend Neal is not aware that Nash was a part of robbery following the death of his new girlfriend, is out for vengeance. The story ends with a shootout ending. But which men will survive. Steven Bosworth is a qualified engineering manager, who has worked with many international companies. He had been wanting to share his experience of life and the type of emotions he had been through throughout life. He had the idea of his main character, but in 2010 he finally put forward everything on paper.  
01, Dec 2018
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