The Bosworth Medieval Festival to welcome Harry J. Tomkinson
Harry J. Tomkinson’s book ‘Treachery at Bosworth Field 1485’ is part of the exhibit at the Bosworth Medieval Festival 2018 to be held in August. The festival will take place at the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and Country Park. The author dives into the history of England, to the late 1400s, and brings us a tale of treachery. The King of England, at that time, was Richard III. He is a fair king and is loved by the people. Some stories about him are circulated among the people to make him look bad. This leads to rebellions against him and taking advantage of the situation, Henry Tudor invades and the Battle of Bosworth takes place. Harry took a keen interest in theatre and film from a young age. He is very passionate about British History and is a loyal King Richard III fan. Learn more by clicking here.
18, Aug 2018 - 19, Aug 2018
Padgate Library, Warrington