Break Codes with J. D. Welch
The author of ‘The Darwin Code’ and ‘The Einstein Code’, J. D. Welch, will be at The Geronimo Festival at Arley Hall in May. She will do a reading for fans in attendance, lead a code-cracking workshops and she will also sign copies of her books. The authors love for science and code breaking is apparent in her books. The book ‘The Darwin Code’ is intriguing and full of danger and mystery. Ben and his mother Sue escape danger and continue to pursue people who mean to launch a deadly poison. ‘The Einstein Code’ is full of cryptic messages and puzzles as Ben follows a trail to find his mother. No one believes that she has been abducted so it is up to him to locate her. Jo spends her time taking care of her family and writing. She has held different management roles after getting a Chemistry degree from Oxford.
28, May 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Nano Nagel Place, Cork