Carl Hancock at Adelaide Inn
Carl Hancock will be signing copies of Marlborough Blues: Boy against the System ​at Adelaide Inn on Saturday 20th February from 3-5pm. To coincide with this special event, the restaurant are offering all guests 20% off their total bill for the evening if they'd like to have dinner at the venue. To place a reservation, please contact Karen Diesing at  The author, Carl Hancock, has succeeded in writing a thought- provoking story of what can go wrong in a boarding-house of a school where a group of senior boys exercise too much power over the juniors they are meant to care for and protect and where the weak housemaster cannot cope. The heart of the story tells of the uneven confrontation between the nastiest of the senior boys and a strong-minded, thirteen-year old French newcomer. When the older boy fails to break the spirit of the rebellious upstart, the battle is ratcheted up several notches and the senior, Dirk Digby, is ready to do whatever it takes to crush the life out of his nemesis. It is a thrilling read which can be enjoyed by a wide audience. Readers will soon find that they are drawn to identify with the attractive, stubborn Jean-Michel. His serene inner strength enables him to do more than merely want to hold out. He will not compromise. He is an inspiration to his young friends but will all his good qualities enable him to survive this battle of wills? Carl Hancock was born in Aberdare, a South Wales valley town, famous for its steam coal. He now lives on a small farm in the Adelaide Hills, a region famous for its vineyards and excellent wine. Between these bookends there was a lot of teaching in places as far apart as Brynmawr and the Great Rift Valley.
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