Carol L. Steingreaber is at the 1st Avenue Winehouse
Get your copy of 'Pants Optional' signed by the author herself, Carol L. Steingreaber will be signing her books for a couple of hours. In her first autobiography, Pants Optional, Carol Steingreaber offers a hilarious, unrestricted insight into her life thus far in Iowa, USA. The reader is a privileged passenger on the journey, invited to buckle up for the ride as Carol shares her stories from the sibling squabbles of childhood, to cringeworthy dating moments, marriage and various stages of motherhood. Her witty, "tell-it-straight" writing style conjures up images you can't help but laugh at, often accompanied by photos that speak a thousand (usually comical) words. Carol provides the reader with "UNconventional tips" on a whole range of themes such as housework and hospitals, illness and injury, Nerf guns and nudity, safety concerns and sex, friendship, faith and a great many more. Moments of eternal embarrassment are interspersed with flashes of comic/parenting genius, and every reader will find a nugget or three (or twenty!) to inspire them. A cracking read, and highly recommended.
10, Dec 2016 - 01, Jan 1970
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