Catch Mick Drewry as he talks about his historical stunner with Penistone FM
Listen to Mick Drewery as he talks about his historical book based on true events ‘Intimidation: The History, the Times and the People of the Sheffield Outrages.’ In the book he portrays the state of Sheffield in the 19th century and clearly points out towards the catastrophes caused by the trade union thugs and leader like William Broadhead. Mick in his book, beautifully pictures in what way the hard working skilled men suffered at the hands of exploitative masters. He also writes about how William Broadhead, the main character, was behind all the arson attacks, shootings, killings, bombings hamstrung horses and anonymous letters. The whole story of Sheffield outrages isn’t about defaming the union leader like William but it revolves around the transitional times of industrial relations and the development of trade unionism. The author graduated from Sheffield Hallam University and served the Barnsley Council as a Community Development Worker in 2002. This historical book is his third publication.
30, Oct 2017
Minsterley Primary School, Plox Green Road, Minsterley Shrewsbury, SY5 0BE UK