Catherine Routley, the author of Auditory Processing in the Classroom to visit WHSmith, Uxbridge to attend her Book Signing Event
The author of Auditory Processing in the Classroom, Catherine Routley will be visiting WHSmith, Uxbridge to attend her book signing event. The will be giving awareness about the children and students down with Auditory Process Disorder (APD). She will talk about the challenges faced by students with APD. This is a great opportunity for the teachers to learn about the techniques to overcome the difficulties they face while teaching such special students. The readers will have the chance to get the signed copies by Catherine Routley.

The Auditory Processing in the Classroom is the book about the awareness of Auditory Process Disorder. The book primarily focuses on the strategies that should be adopted by the teachers in the classroom to create an environment where learning is easy and effective for the students down with this disorder. The book covers the different theories of practices suggested for the teachers by experts to make themselves aware of the disorder and how they can help such special students in learning. The book will also help in raising the awareness about APD. 

Catherine Routley works as a consultant for students having APD. She has worked as an Education Audiologist with many education authorities and is still working in this area. She has also been a teacher for deaf students. Her prime interest is in language development strategies. She has many articles written for education journals on her account
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