C.D. Field Book signing at the Guisborough Bookshop
On the 16th of April C. D. Field will be holding a book signing at the Guisborough Bookshop from 11am until 2pm.  Whilst dealing with troubles at home, year seven student Emily is also having to adjust to life at secondary school, which itself comes with its own problems, from trying to fit in yet still staying true to herself, to befriending those in a similar situation. Emily wishes she could go to her brother for help, but he's got his own problems to deal with now, that will ultimately lead to a run in with the law. Will Emily be able to stay true to herself and be strong, even when a friend turns against her and she too becomes a victim of bullying? C.D. Field spent her formative years in West Yorkshire indulging her passion for horses, dogs and teaching. Following university, where she read law, management and education, she enjoyed a varied and senior, academic career teaching nationally and internationally for over twenty years. She now lives and writes in North Yorkshire.
16, Apr 2016