A Chance to Meet the Renowned Jan Hale
Jan Hale, the author of The Girl Who Dressed Like a Boy, is scheduled to grace an author meet event at Petts Wood Library, on Friday, 28 July 2023, at 2:15 PM. This will be a unique opportunity for aspiring writers, enthusiast readers, and the general public to meet and gain from the experience of Jan Hale. The Girl Who Dressed Like a Boy is a historical fiction that chronicles a young girl's life and events and several kingdoms at daggers drawn with each other. Follow the journey of a Celtic girl and an old warrior seeking King Arthur's help after a Saxon attack. She faces danger, betrayal, and desire in a land torn by war. She must adapt or die in a brutal world. Order the book here. Jan Hale is a reader and writer from Kent. She lives with her rescue dog and her partner. The Girl Who Dressed Like a Boy is the first book of a trilogy.      
28, Jul 2023
Petts Wood Library