Chapters Book Store to Host Book Signing Ceremony for Diana Sare’s ‘Randy The Runaway Raccoon’
Diana Sare, author of ‘Randy The Runaway Raccoon’ will be visiting Chapters Book Store at Thunder Bay for the book signing event of her book. The author will be there for the book promotion. There she will sign the purchased copies of the book. The book is about a young raccoon, Randy who grew up in the city and was nurtured there. He was not fond of the wild and when he is exposed to the wildlife, he gets scared but sooner he finds his way through it. Experiencing many adventures which involve ghosts, unknown animals and people in the foreign environment, he discovers his true nature. This book is full of fun about the experiences of a naive raccoon and a lot of interesting facts about him. The author, Diana Sare has experienced a very adventurous life. She settles in the wilds of Canada for summers and in the remote areas of Panama for winters. She spends her time in gardening, painting and traveling with her husband, Robin.
05, Oct 2018
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