Chat and Spin Radio Will Interview the Author Don Sanger
The author Don Sanger will be giving an interview to the Chat and Spin Radio on 1st August 2019. The author will talk about his book An Apprenticeship to a Ghost. The listeners have a great chance to listen the interview of their favourite author and also ask their questions about the author and his work. Don said that he has learnt that the radio has more than 500,000 listeners per week. The book An Apprenticeship to a Ghost is a different and unique ghost story. A student encounters some strange incidents with an old ghost after a death in the family. The ghost influences him to go on a spiritual journey to find the path of benightment. He is exposed to some life-changing events that uncover the mysteries of life. Find out more about the journey of this student in this amazing and captivating read. The author Don Sanger lives in South East England with his family. He has a degree in Art and Design. He is an artist, a writer and has a great passion for the study of philosophy, spirituality and mystical art.  
01, Aug 2019
Farnham Centre, Farnham St, Abbeyland, Cavan, Ireland