Chris Trotter is at the Real Mary King's Close
The Real Mary King's Close pays host to author Chris Trotter where he will be signing copies of his book 'The Storyteller'. Have the chance to meet the man behind the fascinating book about one teenager who experiences something more mystical than anything else in this world. It's just another summer holiday at the caravan park, and thirteen-year-old Jamie is feeling unloved, unwanted and thoroughly confused. With a mother who is a recovering alcoholic, an uninterested sister and an aggressive father, he seems to have little to celebrate. But at the park's funfair, a hidden secret comes to light which will change his life forever. Reeling from the disclosure, Jamie stumbles into a never explored area of the park. Here he meets a gypsy whose gift in storytelling might help the teenager make sense of his life. Or is that lives? In this innovative first novel by Christopher Trotter, 'The Storyteller' explores the poignant relationship between siblings, and how, in the cycle of life, there may be more than one chance to make things right. Using a unique blend of traditional fiction and fantasy, Trotter interweaves two tales before bringing them to an uplifting conclusion.
02, Feb 2017
Congleton Library, Market Square, Congleton CW12 1ET