Christine Paris Will Be Attending the Book Signing and Reading Event at Downtown Windsor Central Public Library
Christine Paris will be attending the book signing and reading event at Downtown Windsor Central Public Library on 22nd June 2019 for her book Gaia’s Journey. The Reiki master and an amazing writer will be sharing her life experiences that how she found peace through nature. She will be reading the excerpts from her book which is one of the depictions of her thoughts. Attendees will get the signed copies of her book at the end of the event. Gaia’s Journey is an amazing illustration of a girl’s life that is filled with so many exciting events, Gaia’s Journey is a roller coaster ride of emotions, drama, and bonding between mother and daughter that is going to melt your hearts. The pictorial presentation of the story gives you a refreshing break. The author Christine Paris Served as an elementary school teacher for the last 20 years. Christine Paris finds writing a way of depicting one’s inner self. She is the Reiki and Samyana expert. She is B.A, B.ED, and M.A degree holder.
22, Jun 2019
Staffordshire University Thompsons Children's Library