Christopher Hayes-Brown to Hold Book Signing Event for Lady Visit To Nepal And The Far East
Christopher Hayes-Brown is holding a book signing on August 27, 2022, at Blue Cross Bicester Charity Shop at 10 am for his book Lady Visit To Nepal And The Far East. The book signing will include a question and answer session along with the author personally signing his book.Lady Visit To Nepal And The Far East is a sequel to Lady and features Lisa, her son David and their German Shepherd dog. Their trip to Nepal is part of a two-year trip where they visited the Nepalese people and learned about their food and culture. The trip explored the wildlife and the exotic animals found in the region. Christopher Hayes-Brown is an accountant who loves to write. He loves to support wildlife and cultivate gardens. He loves plants and flowers and loves to learn about new plants. In his pastime, he enjoys spending time with his pets and enjoys writing. He supports many charities, including cancer research.
27, Aug 2022