CT Mitchell, the best seller author invites you to his Workshop
CT Mitchell, the author of ' Murder Secret ' has arranged a workshop for helping other fellow authors achieve what he has mastered. Selling books like hot cakes is every author’s dream and he is offering you a chance to learn how to make that dream come true. Tickets are available online. A serial killer on the loose, investigative officer Detective Jack Creed has limited resources to catch this serial killer. Jo Boston-Wright joins Creed's team and wants to prove herself fast on this male chauvinistic team but it's not that simple. The killings started a decade ago. But The latest killings are identical - with five murders in the past eighteen months, all black, drug use, female prostitutes. Except for the latest victim who is different. Jo unearths a vital clue that links a quiet, retired ex-Military police officer to the killings. The media is hungry for an arrest but a lot depends upon the validity of Jo’s discovery. CT Mitchell is an Amazon bestselling author of mystery, short reads and novels with a thriller edge. He has multiple 5-star recipients in the 2017 Readers Choice Awards for his novel Murder Secret. Street educated, Australian-born C T Mitchell is a former real estate agent and has travelled the world for his work adding up to his experience. Click here to get more details about this event 
20, Dec 2018 - 01, Jan 1970
Bedale Library