D. Rob Norvelle to Attend Book Signing Event at a Lovely Dunes Home
Save the date Wednesday, 17 November. Emily Sweeny has invited our very own D. Rob Norvelle for a book signing event. The event will be at the lovely home of Emily in Dunes West, Mount Pleasant, SC, United States. The event will commence at 4 AM UTC +05. There will be a book reading and signing, and there will also be books for the guest.     Season of Freedom is the story about Robert Allen ‘Bubba’ Armentrout. A fanciful young man who has come from a wealthy background. His world changes after taking a few small steps towards something that swallowed him and his reality. He is exposed to the pain striking the underbelly of the town where he resides. He knows about the gruesome murders that took place and the reason behind them.     D. Rob Norvelle resides in South Carolina with his wife and five beloved chihuahuas and dachshunds. Season of Freedom is Rob Norvelle’s debut novel. He opted for his passion in writing as his career in the financial institution ended. He is passionate about writing as well as Travel, Washington Nationals Baseball and much more. 
17, Nov 2021