David C. Pike is at the London Boat Show at Excel London
Whether you're a fan of David C. Pike's most recent work 'Fire - Floats and Fireboats', or you're more interested in 'Beyond the Flames' or 'London's Firefighters', head down to the Excel centre on Saturday to meet the man who wrote all three of these compelling novels. After his autobiography Beyond the Flames and his eclectic anthology London's Firefighters, David C. Pike's latest book about the London Fire Brigade, Fire-Floats and Fireboats, takes as its focus the history of firefighting on the river Thames. Starting in Roman times and bringing the story right up to the present day, Pike's comprehensive survey charts the astonishing evolution of the vessels used to combat fire from the river, pays homage to the intrepid crews of these often unwieldy craft, and vividly recreates some of the most devastating conflagrations the capital has ever seen. With more than 250 fascinating illustrations, Fire-Floats and Fireboats is certain to appeal to lovers of London and aficionados of history and technology, but will also be enjoyed by a wide range of general readers.
07, Jan 2017 - 01, Jan 1970
Buckley Library, The Precinct, Buckley, Flintshire, CH7 2EF