David McCaddon to Attend the Book Signing and Author Talk Event at Dukinfield Library Concord Way
Dukinfield Library Concord Way invites the author David McCaddon to attend the Book Signing and Author Talk event of his books The Final Footprint, In Digital Pursuit and Following Digital Footprints on 9th September 2019. The author will be speaking about his working experiences in IT company for 46 years and what motivated him to write on the cyber-crime. It is a great chance for computer enthusiasts to listen to the author and get signed copies of their favourite books. The book The Final Footprint is about a cybercriminal Tim Ridgway who commits the crime of stealing new identity software at HMP Dinas Bay. While Midshire police is busy investigating the Tim’s escape matter, a new series of ransomware attacks creates a new chaos. All the investigative teams are closely watching the introduction of The Big Brother crime detection program that will be revealed in Australia. The story In Digital Pursuit, Tim Ridgway finally gets incarcerated. He is taken back to the HMP Dinas Bay in Wales to serve his sentence for 10 years. There, Tim devises another escape plan, meanwhile, authorities are attentive as they know Tim won’t sit idle. They have a gut feeling that something is not right.Midshire Police tries to find out what Tim is up to but fails every time. The book Following Digital Footprints is another enthralling detective story about undercover crimes. Midshire Police is well aware of every criminal and his activities. This time  the police twists the picture by investigating methodically which creates confusion for  criminals.
11, Sep 2019
Cinema Museum in Kennington ( Dugard Way, Lambeth, London SE11 4TH)