David McCaddon to Attend the Book Signing and Author Talk Event at Winding Wheel Theatre
David McCaddon is invited by the Winding Wheel Theatre Holywell St, Chesterfield to attend a Book Signing and Author Talk event about his books The Final Footprint, In Digital Pursuit and Following Digital Footprints on 31st November 2019. The author will be speaking about his life experiences and what motivated him to come up with different topics such as computer scams etc. The computer fanatics have a great chance of meeting the author and getting a signed copy of their favourite book. The book The Final Footprint is about Tim Ridgway who escapes from HMP Dinas Bay larceny sensitive information. Midshire police is furious to find him but encounters a new outbreak of ransomware attacks. The attacks have threatened almost every department. On the other hand, all the investigative teams are keenly watching the introduction of The Big Brother crime detection program that is yet to reveal in Australia. In Digital Pursuit is the next book continuing the cybercrime saga. Tim Ridgway is finally captured by the authorities. He is sentenced for 10 years. There Tim develops a new escape plan, meanwhile, authorities are smelling the coffee in the air. Following Digital Footprints is a story about the crimes done under the table. The criminals think that they will get away with whatever cybercrime they commit but Midshire Police is keeping an eye on every criminal and their activities. The story gets deepen when the police start investigations methodically. Would the police be able to get rid of cyber-crimes? Or the criminals will succeed.
13, Nov 2019
George St, Lutterworth LE17 4ED – Lutterworth library