David Mccaddon, Author of the Crime Book ‘A Question of Time’ Will Appear in an Author Speaking Session
An author speaking session of David McCaddon – writer of the crime book ‘A Question in Time’ will be held at Macclesfield Probus on Wednesday, 19th May 2021 at 10:31 am. David will speak about his book, The Question of Time, in detail at the event. This book begins with the murder of a girl in November 1967. The murder leads to the initiation of a complex enquiry. Soon after the incident, the body of another person is found which starts off the hunt for a serial killer. As you keep on reading, the book uncovers if both the murders are interlinked. As the story proceeds, a lot more secrets are also revealed. The book has a very fast pace and keeps the reader engaged from the start till the end. To know all the secrets and mysteries linked to the crime, you can read the book by grabbing a copy. The writer, David McCaddon, has worked in the field of computing and law enforcement all his life. His experience also enabled him to work closely with police all across the globe.
19, May 2021