David P Perlmutter is at the House of Books
'Wrong Place, Wrong Time' has been highly rated and has proven to be extremely popular. Now you get the opportunity to meet the man behind this true crime story, David P. Perlmutter. A London estate agent finds himself on the wrong side of the law one night, leading to the loss of his driving licence, his job and his home. He decides to visit Spain for a change of scenery but gets more than he bargains for when before long, misfortune, circumstance and a degree of stupidity land him in more trouble than that which brought about his downfall back home. One night in Marbella, armed with more Dutch courage than common sense, he rescues two people from a burning hotel, but in the process is falsely accused of arson and manslaughter and thrown in a Spanish jail. ‘Aided' by a UK tabloid journalist, whose sole objective is to create shock headlines, David's gripping real life account has had readers leaving 5* reviews on Amazon in their hundreds. ***** Story sinks its claws into you and doesn't let go. ***** Read many books, but this one tops the lot! ***** Best book I've read in a very long time! ***** It should be a movie! ***** I'm reading it for the third time, it's that good!
18, Mar 2017
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