Dharma Sutra’s author, David Pugh, Will Be Live on Capital Sci-Fi Virtual Convention
Comics artist and writer, David Pugh, will be live on Capital Sci-Fi Virtual Convention. This virtual event will be taking place on the 13th of March, Sunday. David Pugh will make his appearance at the virtual convention at 2.20 pm. He will be talking about his book, Dharma Sutra, and his life as a comics’ artist. This event will be a great opportunity to listen to some great names. David Pugh’s life is inspirational. With eight books still in print, he will surely have great things to share about what makes him pursue his work so regularly.  Dharma Sutra is David Pugh’s erotica book where he weaves a story around people pursuing sexual spirituality. The book combines people of different cultures and their respective habits in pleasure pursuits. David Pugh has worked as a comics artist in a newspaper for eleven years and later did voluntary graphic designing. Apart from artistic creativity, he very well demonstrates his writing creativity as well.
13, Mar 2021 - 01, Jan 1970
Advantage Nursery, Tolworth